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Provide disabled veterans with the support they need

You are a vital part of our healing work


Healing Those Who Serve #GivingTuesday

"I attribute my recovery to this program. This program undoubtedly saved my life. What I have learned is that when I say that I attribute my recovery to Project Healing Waters, I say that knowing that my recovery is not done. For a lot of us here, our recovery will never stop – we rely on this. We rely on Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing for our recovery and our survivability." - CPT U.S. Army (ret)

This past year alone, more than 4,000 volunteers engaged over 8,300 disabled veteran participants nationwide. Program numbers are growing fast too, bringing fly fishing to more veterans and active military than ever before. With over 3.8 million disabled veterans nationwide, we currently serve 8,300. Our goal for 2020 is to expand our program services to an additional 1,200 disabled veterans nationwide. To make this a reality, we need your help on #GivingTuesday.

Your giving and support is essential to our continued success. Your generous partnership will enable us to continue to serve our disabled veterans by providing demonstrated emotional and physical rehabilitation